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Chirag's Den
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People Close to me


Here are some pictures of people close to me like my grandparents, aunts,uncles and cousins.

Ajji and Thatha, Actual size=240 pixels wide

These are my grandparents Leelashekar and Chandrashekar with whom I lived the past 12 years till I moved to North America. They Live in Bangalore India at Malleshwaram. My grandmom Leelashekar is a great writer in my mother tongue Kannada with numerous publications to her credit. My grandfather Chandrashekar worked for the government and now enjoying a peaceful retired life. Of course they miss us a lot and We too. We Love you and Miss You Ajji and Thatha


A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is my favourite aunt Veena and my uncle Dr.Indushekar.
Below is the picture of my favourite uncle Rajeev and my aunt Vidya.



This is a picture taken during the recent visit to our house by my aunt Lalitha's family and Rajeev Uncle's family. I have my aunts Lalitha,  and Vidya, uncle Rajeev and Prasad, my Parents, my sister Nidhi and my cousins Jason,Jennifer,Jessica and little Shreya.


This is my other grandmother Subbulakshmi, who is an American citizen and lives with my aunt in Detroit.She visits us once in about 6 months and we really enjoy the time spent with her.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is a picture of my cousins. In the top left is Hitesh and in the top right is Harshitha. They both live in Bangalore, India. In the bottom are my cousins Jennifer, Jessica and Jason who live in Detroit,Michigan and Little Shreya lives in Atlanta,Georgia. I would also like to mention my other cousin, Suneeth. He is about 5 years older then me. He lives in Bangalore and he is now studying Engineering.

I also would like to mention about my second cousins who are very close to me. They are Prarthana, Neethu and Abhay, who live in Mysore, Spurthy ,Swaroop and Lakshmi,Rohini and Mini, Deepu and Vicky who all live in Bangalore and made my days at India very memorable. I am waiting to meet them all soon and Have Fun. It was Chinnu who use to keep me company at Mysore and taught me to ride a motorcycle (a less powerful one).