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About Me
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Chirag's Den

Chirag's Den

My name is Chirag. I am from Bangalore, India but now living in Toronto, Canada. My birthday is on 16th of February. You must be wondering what Chirag means. It means'Ever Glowing Lamp'. It is taken from the first two letters of my parents Ch from Mom Chandrika and Ra from Dad Ravishankar. If you look at the other way, Chand means Moon and Ravi means Sun, both are sources of light. Quite appropriate. Eh!


I am now studying in 10th grade in Weston Collegiate Institute, Toronto enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. I had done my preschooling in India upto Grade 7. Then I moved to Canada, where I continued my education.



These are my favorites I enjoy playing:
Shuttle Badminton ( I was the Junior Champion of my club, The Malleshwaram Club in Bangalore India, 4 Years ago.)
Cricket, Volley ball, Skating, Skiing, Canoeing, Bowling and Roller Blading. For my school, I play Badminton, Cricket and I am also in the Cross-Country running team.
I started playing Guitar this year. I love it!!! The melodious tunes under the direction of my teacher, Mr.Skol and Above All, meddling with my Computer.

I love to watch a lot of Hindi Movies, preferably Films of Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and any movie if Johny Lever is there. I also like English movies. I love any Jackie Chan movie.

I love watching movies and cartoons on TV. My favourite characters are Bart,Lisa and Homer from The Simpsons and Tom and Jerry.


Here is an article which appeared in the "Indian Express", a leading english daily in India, about me and my first crack at the Computer