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I have many friends in Bangalore,India where I was living since my birth. Know more about this excellent place on earth in my next page. I have made some friends in Toronto,Canada now. My friends in India are Arun, Avinash, Anirudh,Sandeep,Vinay,Bharath, Vivek,Vinoda and Prashanth

Some of my friends in Canada are Ahsen, Taimur, Yichen and Sam. They went to my elementary school. I am still keep in touch by phone and e-mail.


Indian friends

Arun is my best friend.When I was leaving India, I had even created a mail ID in yahoo for him so we could keep in touch. Anirudh was also a good friend. He always wanted to score higher marks than me in all the tests. So he was asking, "How do you study?", "What time will I start studying?" etc. Sandeep is a very bright boy. one day, He fell down from the stairs in my school and broke his leg. From that day, He couldn't come to school for one year. Even though he missed school, he managed to write the exam and he got more than 85%!!! He is a good friend. He is still in touch with me through E-Mail. i have many other good friends like Vinay, Avinash, Bharath who keep in touch with me through E-Mail. Even though they don't have a computer at home, they go to the cyber cafe where you have to pay Rs.20 per hour.

Canadian friends

Ahsen and Taimur from Pakistan and Yichen from China are some of my very good friends in Canada. I have lots of other friends- Mohammed and Wasif from Bangladesh, Alan from Yugoslavia, Joon-Hi and Kevin from South Korea and many more. Our school was very Multi-Cultural.